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Deutsche Bank v. Beauvais – statute of limitations in mortgage foreclosure does not stop from dismissal without prejudice

The Third District Court of Appeal has issued its opinion in Deutsche Bank v. Beauvais, determine the effect of voluntary and involuntary dismissals on acceleration and deceleration of mortgages. The takeaway of the decision is that the mere act of voluntarily or involuntarily dismissing a foreclosure action, without a determination with prejudice, does not decelerate an accelerated mortgage and does not stop the running of the statute of limitations on foreclosure. To read the article, click on this link:


Bernhard Law Firm PLLC

Bernhard Law Firm PLLC

Fraud Lawyers Florida announces Bernhard Law Firm obtained dismissal for its client in shakedown federal lawsuit

Fraud Lawyers Florida reports that Bernhard Law Firm has obtained a judgment of dismissal with prejudice in favor of its business client against a shakedown serial litigation group in a lawsuit alleging violations of the ADA. Bernhard Law Firm successfully asserted that the opposition’s practice of serial litigation revealed that there was no real threat of imminent harm and no possibility of real redress, extinguishing standing and subject matter jurisdiction. (Florida Bar disclaimer: results may not be typical. You may not have as beneficial a result).

Fraud Lawyers Florida announces that Bernhard Law Firm obtained a final judgment in favor of its client

Fraud Lawyers Florida announces that Bernhard Law Firm obtained a final judgment in favor of its client.

via Fraud Lawyers Florida announces that Bernhard Law Firm obtained a final judgment in favor of its client.

Fraud Lawyers Florida’s new article on changing arbitration game in Florida

Fraud Lawyers Florida publishes a new article on the judiciary’s changing position on enforcement of arbitration provisions for consumers and businesses. See the article here:


Bernhard Law Firm collaborated on the article. Bernhard Law Firm can be contacted at www.bernhardlawfirm.com

Bernhard Law Firm PLLC

Bernhard Law Firm PLLC

Bernhard Law Firm at Habitat for Humanity Miami with Miami International Attorneys

As we enter the holiday season, Bernhard Law Firm and Miami International Attorneys volunteer to build houses for those in need with Habitat for Humanity Miami. Contact Bernhard Law Firm at www.bernhardlawfirm.com, 786-871-3349, abernhard@bernhardlawfirm.com. See their work here:

Visas – Info on Each Visa Available

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