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Improper Grounds to Strike Affirmative Defenses and Pleadings in Florida

Improper Grounds to Strike Affirmative Defenses and Pleadings in Florida.

via Improper Grounds to Strike Affirmative Defenses and Pleadings in Florida.

HELP KIDS – Drug Free Youth In Town (DFYIT) is a non-profit substance abuse prevention org empowering kids ages 11-18

Bernhard Law Firm seeks your participation in helping local kids start right. Bernhard Law FirmBernhard Law Firm has started a fundraising drive in anticipation of the DFYIT Signature Fundraiser charity event on April 29, 2015.

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DFYIT’s mission is to support the development of healthy, productive drug-free youth. DFYIT focuses on reducing the risk factors that lead youth to use and abuse drugs and alcohol and engage in negative, antisocial behaviors by enhancing protective factors. Students are provided the opportunities to promote their pledge to be drug free and to be leaders through community service and are recognized and rewarded for living and promoting a drug free lifestyle.

DFYIT Keep It Clean Day

DFYIT Keep It Clean Day

[Copy and paste these links for great photos:

Middle School Awards – days with the kids: http://s572.photobucket.com/user/DFYIT/library/Middle%20School%20Awards%20Dade%202010?sort=3&albumview=grid&page=1

High School Awards – days with the kids: http://s572.photobucket.com/user/DFYIT/library/High%20School%20Awards%20Dade%202010?sort=3&albumview=grid&page=1

Pretty cool!]

DFYIT incorporates the Communities That Care science-based prevention model (Hawkins and Catalano 1992) as its philosophical framework. It is a social development strategy that promotes the protective factors against drugs, alcohol and other unhealthy behaviors. This is accomplished by helping to create an environment for our youth that will promote healthy lifestyles, strengthen bonds with school, family and community and nurture the individual characteristics of DFYIT’s kids.


Please donate to this cause: http://www.razoo.com/story/Signature-Fundraiser

Visas – Info on Each Visa Available

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